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    Hello all. I am looking for a little help. The company I work for has an Epiphot Nikon microscope, with what appears to be a Nikon F-mount on the front (it has the three tab bayonet, and accepts a Nikon LF-1 cap). The microscope has the male end, with the tube and tabs that extend out, and some sort of pin about halfway from the edge at about the 7 or 8 oclock position. Currently we are snapping photos on Polaroid Type 52 film, and at +3$ a shot its getting pricey. The company already owns a handful of digital cameras, but they are the less expensive models with the female threaded grooves around the lens. I was wondering if there was an affordable digital camera that will attach to this mount, or an adaptor to convert the digital female threads to the presumed Nikon F-mount, that will have a compatable focal length and all (sorry, Im still kind of new to photography).

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    Not sure but if you can get a lens cap for the microscope and a camera cover for just about any other camera you can cut out the centre and glue them back to back.

    I've seen this done with a camera cover and a uv filter to mount lenses on cameras backwards.

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