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    Hi all.
    Now, I am quietly confident at working on individual photos in photoshop but want to create a 'collage' effect... more than one photo on a 'new document'. So, in jasc paint shop pro, it was easy and i would just click and drag the resized pic across to my 'blank canvas and 'drop' it on. I cant for the life of me work out how to do it in PHotoshop 7 or CS2. I open my new document then when i try to add a photo, it just opens it up on its own and does not put/layer? it on the new document. Hope this isnt too much mumble jumble and hope one of you digital stars can help me.

    Thanks in advance. Jem x

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    well, if the picture has been opened, press CTRL-A. This will select the whole picture. Then press CTRL-C, this copies it. Then go to your New document and press CTRL-V and the pic will be pasted in the new document. Also, you can just click and drag the pic into the new document (which is easier :) )
    Hope this helps.

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