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Feb 2, 2009
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I'm having difficulty uploading a sig pic. The files are the proper size and dimensions. "Unable to save image" is the response I get.

Any help?
you can just upload it so something like photobucket and then put it in. Make sure it's not to big (it should be the size of the ad on the middle top under the link menu)
I can't offer any immediate assistance (that I can think of), but I've raised the matter in the Mod Forum. Hopefully someone with more ability than myself can assist.
Unless others chime in with the same issue, it's not likely that it's a systemic problem. Right now I would advise, as mentioned, to try to link from a place like Photobucket, and also check your file type to make certain it's an accepted format.

Please let us know if this is resolved, okay? :D

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