Adobe Camera Raw glitch? White Balance Weirdness

Calypso b

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Jan 15, 2011
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Having some problems with white balance in Adobe. I will adjust the white balance in ACR on my raw images and quite often when I load them from ACR into Photoshop CS6, the photos load with a crazy weird white balance that isn't even close to the temperature I set them at. I am talking waaaay off.

Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a glitch in the program?
What program are you using with ACR to do the adjustments and how are you getting the adjusted file into photoshop?
As far as I'm aware ACR cannot be used as a stand alone program but is either used as a Photoshop plugin or the development and adjustment module built into Lightroom. If you are importing the file from Lightroom then I would check your Photoshop color settings as the odd color balance is probably caused by some sort of color space mismatch but without knowing the details of your work flow its hard to give any meaningful advice.

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