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Oct 8, 2015
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I am not able to save my files and Adobe Illustrator gives the message 'An Unknown Error has occurred'.. I have also tried copying the work into a new ai file however this also will not save. This is has happened to me about 5 times since I updated to CS6. Anyone else having this issue?
So this happens EVERY time with EVERY file? Or just certain files?

I have an older version of Illustrator, so can't help you with the new version.. :(
Use that program like every day, never had this.

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I've found a solution that temporarily worked.

Reset the settings, workspace and preferences in illustrator to the defaults. This worked for a few saves but then the Unknown Error returned. If you are still experiencing the issue I can suggest this program Illustrator Repair Toolbox Adobe Illustrator data files repair tool. How to repair ai file?

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