blurry photos with 50mm lens

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Oct 5, 2015
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so i am trying to understand where i went wrong. i took some photos of a friend for practice and A LOT of them came out blurry. i can't figure out why all my photos are blurry when i use my 50mm lens. however, it seems when i use my 24mm, my photos turn out much better. HELP!? here is a photo i took with my 50D 50mm lens: ISO 500, f/6.3, 1/125 i feel like i was maybe 10 feet from the subjects....
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okay i reposted with photo in General Gallery
Thread closed (as its got no purpose now)

Link to currently running thread with photo:
blurry with 50mm lens | Photography Forum

Note Kit whilst its a little ambiguous you'd likely have been find posting the thread here in the beginners section since its more a technical question than an artistic one. It's a bit of a fine line between the two so certainly if you're unsure in the future you can't go wrong posting such in the galleries.
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