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Sep 3, 2013
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Appleton, WI
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Adventures by Michael Long, on Flickr

Intentionally bought that, a later Yashica Mat. Also accidentally bought a Yashica C TLR too... Put in a bid, forgot about it, won. Oops. But that's not nearly as photogenic (leatherette's toast).
Maybe you could redo the Yashica C's body covering using something fun, like some of the lure tape made by the Witchcraft Tape Products corporation. Their tapes are very durable and long-lasting, and really stick on great if the surface has been prepped properly; I have had some lures taped with their tapes and the tape has stuck on,solidly, for over 20 years. They have solid colors, prismatics, and ultraviolet tapes.WTP Inc.
I was actually planning on doing something radical from Cameraleather.com if they're still around. I've worked with them before and their service and quality are outstanding too. If they're gone, I'll look into WTP. The C needed some attention in other areas-fungus in the taking lens, fungus on the exterior of the viewing lens and on the mirror, shutter's acting up a little (can't figure out how to get the front plate off), and the film transport system needed some lubrication. I'll see if I can apply some lube through the holes in the outside of the shutter mechanism VERY carefully.

The Yashica Mat had some fungus in the taking lens. EASILY wiped out. Fired a crappy expired roll through it and have another at the ready. Going to be waiting on having it scanned though, since my scanner's out of commission.

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