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Oct 2, 2010
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Patchogue, NY
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So I used to dabble with film back in school, long enough that a dslr wasn't even a dream. now am about to be a father and decided it would be a perfect time to get, semi serious again. Anyway the dog was asleep on the bed so took a few shots to test out the camera. Any advise on pic or on how to and what i need to buy to get the best shots of a newborn is greatly appreciated. currently using d3000 with kit lens, and that's all i got.

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I've never photographed newborns, but here's what I've noticed from the shots I liked.

-Focus on the eyes, even if they're closed
-Warm, natural light from a window with the newborn facing towards the light
-A close shot of mom holding the newborn is always a crowd pleaser. Warm colors, again.
-Bundle the newborn in warm looking blankets, it adds to the "cozy" feel
-Try to avoid using your on camera flash

Congratulations! I hope you'll post some of the pictures here for us to see!
Take lots of shots........... toss the ones that you don't like - film is cheap now-days......:D

w/o proper equipment, experience and knowledge of photography, w/e you'll shoot will be nothing more then a snapshop. Taking kids to a Mall studio, is absurd since chances are "photographers" there aren't photographers but rather kids who are trying to make few extra bucks. Thus highly recommend to take you kid (but before the BIG DAY, mommy) to photographer who specializes in Maternity and kids.
We have lots of colleagues all over the States, so if you're interested, PM me and we'll talk.
First of all, CONGRATZ!! I know the feeling, my daughter going to be 1 year old next week and the time and photos go by fast.

Secondly, I agree with avoiding the camera flash. If you do need to use one I suggest getting an off camera flash and diffusing the light some how. Having a flash off camera will drastically change the quality of your portraits.

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