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on a DX body this lens has GREAT reviews. If you plan on upgrading to a FX body later than you might want to save.
Ok-- edited post. I like mine. I didn't realize that it was a crop lens but it works really well.
Look very carefully in this category! Ken Rockwell may be ridiculed by some, but his UW 3rd party lens reviews have a lot of good information, and comparison comments done amongst the various models by one, single person who has tested almost all of the popular models, in the same way, same locations, and so on--using real-world testing, flare testing, sunstar comments, as well as FX and DX coverage notes.

Consider that 11mm to 16mm is entirely ultra-wide...some of the other options give a wider range, and step outside "ultra-wide"

One thing Ken comments on is the lens aberration called coma. Coma is something that makes point light sources look like elongated blobby things, sometimes kind of like football shapes, other times sort of roughly triangular...coma is BAD for shooting stars. You want a pin-point star to be rendered as accurately as possible, and not made in to a "blob shaped thing".
I'm debating on buy this lens for star photography:

I mainly like it for the high aperture and wider angle, but I'm not sure if I should get this or save up for a better one. I can't seem to find one with an aperture that high.

that works but check the astro photography forums - most use a star tracker mount and prime lens

For deep space astro people use trackers and primes, but I think the OP is looking to do landscape astro work, and the 11-16 is basically the best option for crop sensors.
I had the 11-16 for almost a year back when I was on a crop body, and I loved it. Affordable; and it was a great imager.

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Edit with some examples:

On the Rocks by f_one_eight, on Flickr

Bridging the Gap by f_one_eight, on Flickr

And an 11? image panorama, all vertical shots at 11mm...

Tunk by f_one_eight, on Flickr

Promise. It's and incredible lens in it's price range. AND it works on a full-frame sensor at 16mm with no vignetting.


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