Advice on shooting, please (a challenging one:)

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by InternazionalIV, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Hello, i'd like to get some advice on eye shooting.
    I need to take high quality detail pictures of eye iris for my work, but i'm meeting some difficulties. Although my digital camera (Canon G9) is fine at both macro shooting (it deals with minimal ~1cm range) and pixel quantity (12Mp), but my problem is with the illumination. The problem is, that in order to have sharp quality picture of the iris, i need to be in a place with a good lighting. But if i'm in a place of a bright source of light (i work in closed doors of coors, so the main sources are windows), that source reflects on the iris, so spoiling its texture and making it useless for my studying. Taking pictures in dark rooms with flash is no solution (and harmfull for eye as well).
    So, my question is what illumination conditions may you suggest to realise my needs and also which photography setting (apart from macro shot) would you suggest (portrait/natural/...?).
    Thanks in advance.

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    you need this...
    or you can create one with continuous light so it will do no harm
    you can also use a little bit of zoom

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