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Jan 6, 2023
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Hello! My first post here.

I've been doing some photography as a hobby for about a year now, usually I shoot cityscapes, landscapes and some urban photography. My camera is Canon EOS 4000D with its 18-55mm kit lens.

Now, while i find this to be a fairly good camera in ideal conditions (also quite lightweight, which is convenient), I have two problems with it:

1. As soon as the sun goes down, shooting handheld becomes nigh impossible. Raising ISO above 800 makes a photo too grainy and noisy for my tastes. The lens also don't seem to have any sort of stabilizer, so anything longer than 1/150 is a blurry mess, and the maximum aperture is f/3.4 or even f/4.5, depending on the zoom.

2. Details captured from a distance (and I often take photos of a town or an island from up to a few kilometres away) don't seem detailed enough to me, even if the atmospheric conditions are good. They seem mushy almost like a watercolor picture, lacking definition and clarity.

Now my question is, what should I improve? I'm fairly sure that I'm going to need a telephoto lens, because 55mm is not enough for some details I want to capture at a distance. But I first need to figure out if the camera needs replacing. Is 4000D good enough? This ISO issue bothers me - my Xiaomi 11T mobile phone camera can handle ISO 2000+ without becoming grainy, so is this the matter of camera quality or something else?

Any advice would be appreciated. If necessary, I can upload some of the photos to demonstrate my camera's issues.

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

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