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Aug 9, 2018
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As mentioned in some of my other posts, 4x5 cut film photography had generated a lot of questions for me.

Currently I am trying to find out why the sky in the photos below has a mottled look to it. In both shots, the sky was completely clear or a gray overcast. Also, negatives seem to lack contrast.

Details for P 129 series, Film - Arista EDU 400, Exposure per light meter - 1/50th, f19, bright overcast day. Developed for 6 1/2 min. in HC-110 per Arista film instructions.
Details for P 138 series, Film - Arista EDU 400, Exsposed 2 stops over light meter reading - 1/50th, f11. cloudless sky. Developed for 6 1/2 minutes in HC-110 per instructions.

I use a Yankee tank, cumbersome but adequate for now.

The negatives were shot on a light table with a Canon T6 Rebel digital and post processed with Gimp. program.

P 129 series per light meter reading.
P129 .JPG P129 b&w.jpg P129 gimp.jpg

Negative shot on light table with Canon digital Neg. per light meter inverted and desaturated Neg. enhanced with Gimp

P138 series Light meter reading plus 2 stops more exposure.
P138.JPG P138 B&W.jpgP138 gimp.jpg

Negative shot on light table with Canon digital. Neg, shot plus 2 stops inverted and desaturated Negative enhances with Gimp

So my two question are.

* What causes the mottled look in the sky?
* Even at plus 2 stops do the negatives lack contrast?

Answers and comments appreciated.
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