Advice, where to start?


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Jan 16, 2008
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So I've always been big into photography but never really did anything with it. My pictures have always been pretty decent and I'm looking to take it to the next level. So my question is do I go to school and if so what degree would be suggested? Or do I try to find a solid photography and try to apprentice? Thanks in advance for any advice I can get.
I know many photogs who did not go to school who take wonderful shots. From the ones I know that went to school, many of them wish they would have minored in business, or majored in business and minored in photography. I myself majored in business and I'm self taught otherwise (let's be honest, internet and forum taught). Finding a pro in your area and asking if you could intern or second shoot events would be an excellent way to learn. From what I've heard from people who do it this way, they said they learned more in 2 hours with a pro then 2 years of school...pretty much sells the idea right there if you ask me.

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