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Jan 31, 2009
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I have a D90.. and now I am thinking of buying a speedlight but I am confused between LP160 and SB900. Also I am confused that what other accesory i will need to use with these two flashlights. I tried searching on google but could not find one and since I am new I dont understand all thecables.

Please if somebody is using this LP160 (which is hell of a lot cheaper), can tell me how is this flashlight. Should I go for it?? or just buy the "Best One" SB900.

Please advise me and any links that can help me understand all the lighting gear I need just for beginning. I have already tried strobist but need something in more detail for the accessories.

These are two very different animals. The SB900 is a full function flash capable of full integration with Nikon's 'creative lighting system' while the LP160 is simply a manual only flash. Your D90 will not 'communicate' with this flash as it will with the SB900. Which to buy depends on what you want to do. If you're ok with you controlling every aspect of the flash then the LP160 would likely work well for you. As will others: I just saw a Vivitar 285 on a buy sell site being let go for $35.00.
Do to me being at work I am unable to give you links :( . I do apologize in advance for this.

I do not know a whole lot about the LP160 but I do know a fair amount about the SB900. Your D90 has an automated flash trigger this means you don't need a cable. The SB900 can stand free on it's own and you can trigger it with your D90. That's the cool thing about that automated master trigger. I personally do not have either of these but my friend doesn and I set the whole thing up for her. I have a D40x with an SB600. I simply didn't want to spend $500.00 on a flash so I spent half of it.

I would definately go with the SB900 simply do to this ability that you will have. If you are at all into portraiture setting this flash up from the side or even bouncing it of the wall would create a wicked effect.

Good luck and hope to see some photos soon. :)
I am just going to start with lighting..and as per your reply you suggest a SB900 in that what should noobs start with.. a expensive speedlight that is easier to use or a cheaper speedlight that will force them to learn...?
I would recommend the SB600. It's cheaper I seen them go for $200.00 which is a killer deal to be honest. It's a powerful flash that can also be triggered with your D90 and I have had nothing but good shots with this flash. It can be set to fully manual and also can be full automated.

If you are just starting I would get the SB600.
thanks bram.. I am in saudi.. and i can buy speedlights that are cheaper than in us.. with international warranty.. so I can sure go for SB900.. I was just thinking that why spend so much money on SB900...when LP160 can do the trick.. and yes i love taking portrait pics.. so probably I will go with SB900...

anything else I need to start with SB900?? I mean any other accessories required like a cable or some other adaptor?
200 and 400 is not much different.. anyways someday or the other I need to buy a good flash .. so will go with SB900....thanks a lot for the advise..

I was thinking of buying a tripod first.. but now I think Speedlight will be a better investment. Atleast something creative to learn.. :)
You're more then welcome arkuro. You're very lucky, the SB900 here in the vancouver area won't go for less then $550.00 from any retailer. That's why I got the SB600 to start out with and for portraiture either SB600 or SB900 will definatel not dissappoint you in any way.

Best of luck with the flash and have fun with it. Try different things the tops twist at all different angles so try bouncing it off tinfoil, or a white wall/ceiling. It's definately a blast messing around with a flash.

Have fun!
Technically it's a 100% difference, but if you have it to spare, go as high as you can.
Bram..still I didnt get the answer to my other question..could u please.. tell me.. that do i anything else to use the SB900 with my Nikon D90??
Oh! Sorry arkuro, I wasn't even thinking. No you do not. The SB900 comes with a stand so you can put it on that ofcourse. the D90 can trigger the SB900 and the cool thing about the SB900 is that it has the master commandr in it. That means that if in the future you get a smaller flash for photoshoots like an SB600 or even an SB800 the SB900 can trigger those other flashes which is a really cool concept to me. But no that's about all you need.
thats cool.. so SB900 is final then ...thanks a lot... :)
anything else I need to start with SB900?? I mean any other accessories required like a cable or some other adaptor?

Technically not required, but after getting my sb-800 I very quickly got an external battery pack (in my case the quantum QB 1). I hate using AAs for power.

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