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Jun 30, 2013
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Hello. I have found alot of old camera equipment and was wondering what I have and if whats its worth. Much input and advise would be highly appreciated. Im sorry but I have no camera so I will have to use details.

Rodenstock Eurygon 1:4 F-35mm lens.
Next is Polaroid Copal 4in 105mm lens and a 3in 75mm Same lens.
Next is another Polaroid copal but all i can find is 125 -b on it.
Next is a old Nikon m-35 64283 Camera.
Next is a bausch and lomb vertical illuminator
then I have a Polaroid mp-3 camera accessory kit. as well as a 35mm macro lens & bellows extension unit
and last I have a omega film developing tank 120.

I am thinking of selling these or keeping. Any info would be much appreciated. If you know the good prices I would apreciate it. Everything is pristine and flawless.

Thanks guys!
After a bit of research that looks like a decent film Macro set up. But just that. The prices weren't high... either. I would keep that stuff lol
You MIGHT get $100 for all of it on ebay, after spending $30 worth of your time setting it up and packing it.

Nothing terribly exciting at all there.

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