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Nov 7, 2009
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I have no funds for lighting at the moment but I have a few potential portrait clients that would basically pay for my lighting. If they are serious then I will buy gear and my fees will pay for them. The budget is $250 which is what I'll make from portraits in near future.
So my question is... How can I make the most out of $250 for lighting. For example, a 250$ flash or cheaper flash plus something else, if you know what I mean. Any ideas?
You could go with constant lighting packages. Keep in mind you would be limited (due to your budget) to be plugged into an AC outlet. Fortunately your D90 has commander mode so you could buy a used sb800 (goodluck for $250) or sb600 to get yourself started with off camera flash. Then make yourself some homemade light modifiers.
don't mean to thread jack but making another thread for the same question but different camera seems pointless. I have a canonT1i.
should i get the flashpoint umbrella kit or softbox kit?
i know i keep mentioning this kit, but for the money, im really enjoying it.

[ame=] ePhoto 3 Monolight Professional Photography Studio Light Umbrella Portrait Soft Light Kit By ePhoto INC Fan022: Camera & Photo[/ame]
Can you just shoot them outdoors? for now? Are they going to be happy with the picture a 250 dollar cheapo light kit will provide? Seems to me like the best best would be to get a reflector, go out at like 6pm and start shooting.
does a cheap light kit always produce **** images?
No, its how its used does that, however they aren't too reliable, have very little power and as such limited for certain applications/scenarios, if moneys no problem get the most powerful you can afford from the likes of bowens/elinchrome etc, they are built to last so imo its money well spent. H
agreed, but it seems money is a key point here.

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