After 8 months I upgraded my camera


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Dec 5, 2012
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Toronto Canada
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Bought my D7000 8 months ago, focusing problems always were a problem.
After one trip to Nikon spa and then fine tuning all my lenses to the camera the results were good but still not great.
As long as the subject I shot was more then few meters away from me the focus was good but the closer I got the less likely it was that I will get a clear crisp shot.
I must admit that the main problem was that I lost my confidence in the camera.

So today after a long debate I got the D7100, my dream was getting the D600 but my current financial state didn't let me buy it and to be honest the D7100 is an awesome camera so it will not be a "torture" to use it for a couple of years till I am ready to upgrade to a full frame.
Took few quick shots today and from first impression the shots look crisp and clean so it looks like I did the right thing.

As expected I am VERY excited about my new camera and plan on playing a lot with it till I am comfortable with it.

First shot of it with my cell :)



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Sweet setup Congrats. now show us the pics. Ed
Sweet setup Congrats. now show us the pics. Ed
Thanks for kind words, here are 2 pictures, nothing fancy just a quick snap of my wifes grow in the back yard.


nice and clear, now the fun begins. later Ed

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