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Jun 11, 2007
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Any thoughts on making this better? I'm not sure i like the crop.

I agree, the crop could be improved. Bit too much space on the left for my liking. Maybe a slightly deeper DOF would help keep some more crispness in the furr. Nevertheless, really amazing colours ! Vibrant, yet controlled and contrasty :D

I like it :thumbup:
little fuzzy...but I think it shows the massiveness of the animal, while at the same time showing a softer cuddly side. Cool shot.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I agree about the sharpness, i was shooting, at an angle, through dirty thick glass ....:thumbdown: Had to make due though. I'm sure the glass is a good idea though, way to go zookeepers. :lol:
I like it, I agree with cropping out the left a little as well.

Which of your two lenses did you take this with, and how fat away were you?
I had the 70-200 f4 L mounted all day, was there to try it out. That tiger was probably about 5 feet away. I sat there awile snapping many pictures :D

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