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Dec 30, 2006
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West Calder, Scotland
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Thought I better get my finger out and put some pics on. Ihaven't been on here for ages, so here go's.........

Is the first pic the Snowbirds? Haven t seen them in ages. And ya, the Thunderbird's put on a hell of a show, as does the Blue Angles.
RIAT by any chance??
i'm all about the snowbirds. i'd like the second shot a lot more if that giant tail/elevator wasn't in the shot.
The first shot is of The Red Arrows
Yea, the pilot of the transporter wouldn't move for me, even offered to take his pic and put it on here for folks to admire lol. Yes, this was at this year's Fairford RIAT, I actually missed the Thunderbirds as we were trying to get in, groan......All my shots of the T-birds are on the ground, the first time in 6 years they fly outside the US and yours truly misses 'em.:angry1:
to be honest mate, I really didn't think much of the T-Birds, they were a bit on the slow side and just flew in little group with long gaps between fly pasts

And yeah traffic was something else wasn't it!!

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