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Great, were do you play? I am a member of SCAA and we have actually had the privilage if playing on Fort Jackson for several of our big games:) A few of the players are retired or current military. I See a Spets in there, it is TM? That is my main weapon with a G&P metal body and Prometheous TB barrel:) This was takein at Ft. Jackson and the second is my pride and joy with my Blackhawk CQC holster, really I like using my side arm more so than my AK.


what game is that? paintball?
ive never met a 5 year old with a beard. Im really feeling some of these. the fake death ones are kinda cheesy but its all good haha.
what game is that? paintball?

it's kind of like paintball in the sense that you get shot once you die, but we have "medics" who revive us only 3 times per player.

basicly it's like real life army scenario's in this case we we're defending a building from the opposing team and the objective was to elimenate the enemy, we have other objectives in different games like Hostage Situation or Bomb Defusial or etc.

oh and also the matches usually last 30-45 minutes unlike a paintball game
Airsoft is pretty cool, but I personally prefer paintball... I've got the primary reserve for shootin' real weapons =p

I like the realistic setting in airsoft though, I've only played once sadly :(

Nice shots nonetheless
never heard of airsoft .. but in the military that long hair would not be allowed...
Airsoft is fast plastic pellet guns, 150FPS-450FPS. As far as the uniforms it's just like paintball people were camoflauge weather it be there parents or some thrift shop clothes, just like hunters. Nothing to do with the military, though I wish the military would switch to either airsoft or modified paintball training as oppesed to blanks and there laser tag system(miles) I caught some of my soldiers running down the hall way shooting each other with airsoft pistols and they are contraband so I got myself a free airsoft pistol.
well, i am quite old fashioned here ... if you play military, then do it properly and shave your hair. ;)

for me war games like this are (wanna be) military related, in particular if you wear camouflage.

This is an actual shot in Iraq, I never like shaving my head when I was deployed, I only keep it shaved now cause I'm in a drill sergeant position lol.

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