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Dec 12, 2010
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Estero, FL
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I shot this on Ft. Myers Beach, FL for an album cover.

$Album Proof.jpeg
I guess I am being really picky, but that looks more like a pile of dirt rather than a white sandy beach. Execution wise, I think it's good. I just think you can probably go with a more abstract shot, or crop it. Right now it looks really static and unnatural (posed).
Actually it looks like, well....... sand

Not all sand is brilliant white

What I would have liked to have seen are variations, with her left arm over the instrument and NOT resting hear head on it
i think without knowing her music/style/songs to critique the look and feel of the album cover would be irresponsible. However technically i think it feels disconnected. If she is wanting to reach her fans, maybe cross her arms over the guitar and rest her chin on it looking at the camera. Her pose makes me feel like she is annoyed or "to good" to give the viewer the time of day. just my .02

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