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Nov 11, 2003
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Hi folks,

I'm sorry to be such a 'rara avis' on TPF, but now I'm faced with a dilemma...

I'm in the process of buying a new computer(pc) and I go back and forth between an ASUS with an AMD A10 processor and an ASUS with an i7 processor. As I am using PS CS6 on the new computer, will I see a big difference in the processing speed between these two?

Also, the ASUS with AMD chip has a 2G Radeon HD 7730 graphic card while the ASUS with the Intel 7 chip has a Nvidia GeForce GT635M graphic card. I've heard that the AMD won't handle Adobe Illustrator, which is no bigloss for me right now, I don't use it.

Any thoughts from y'all pros out here will be appreciated. :hail:

Thanks in advance.

I'd definitely go with an i7 with 6+ cores.
Not even debatable.

AMD may be "better" but for my bread and butter workstation, which I expect to last 3 to 5 years, I don't see any reason to skrimp on CPU or memory.

My i7 (4 core) is already 2+ years old... I recently took it from 4gb to 16gb of ram (~$100 for the 16gb chips, tossed the 4GB in the spares box).

And even at two years old... I can barely make it break a sweat. The bottleneck is always disk drives... If I was doing major workflow, I'd get a 256GB ssd to use for "file in, process, print" then move off to big (slow) archive sata drives once a batch is done.

But video editing is a whole 'nother ball game...

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