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Aug 1, 2005
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the beautiful

arches national park


Canyonlands National Park


Dead Horse Point State Park


Colorado River near Moab Utah


Dead Horse Point State Park
I dont have any C&C sorry but I think the set you took was pretty I really like 3,4,maybe one day Ill go and visit.:)
Those are excellent. A bit cliche maybe, but excellent nonetheless.
:thumbup: I think they are great. They embody every thing that I love about b&w. Very dramatic
Ah, you do want C&C. (Noob on this site, so still unclear what the local rules are. Don't want to offer unwanted critiques and get my knuckles rapped...)

-I love the first one. The perspective and the tone give it a nice moody feel.
-I'm not the biggest fan of the second shot. I'd like to see more contrast in the undulations of the canyons. I don't like the large white rectangle at the top which is the sky. (Honestly, it took until the second or third time looking at that shot before I realized the sky was there. That white rectangle, with its bottom aligned so nicely with the top of the outcropping, blended in a bit with the grey background of this page and seems like it's just extra canvas.) This image would have benefited from a change in perspective (though I'm sure you were limited in your options). Go lower so that the outcropping sticks up into the sky rather than aligning with the horizon, or or higher so that the ground behind the outcropping is visible and you can crop out the sky entirely.
-I think the third would benefit from a bit more contrast (get a bit more white into the clouds). I also would crop to move the horizon up or down. As it is now the image can't decide which is the focal point, the sky or the canyon.
-The fourth would also benefit from a bit more contrast, but I love the perspective. Exactly the point I was trying to make about the previous image!
-For the fifth...again, more contrast would help bring out some cool detail in the clouds. Maybe take a look at cropping to a portrait orientation on about the middle third of this image, a little tighter to remove some of the foreground. See how that looks as far as playing up the storm going on in the distance...
Very good and very dramatic shots, but I think there is too much contrast because there are black areas with no detail in all of the images, and white areas with no detail in some of them. If you were to increase contrast further, you would have more areas that are completely black or white and the images actually would be less interesting. At least this is the way they appear on my monitor - if there is detail there that I am not seeing for some reason, then never mind!
thanks for the replies! especially the C&C
Cant change the angle on the 3rd one...thats at canyonlands and you have three elevation choices...where i took the shot from, 1500 feet lower on the tops of the canyons in the picture, and then another 1000 feet down in the canyons in the picture.

as for contrast, on my monitor it looks fine, but yeah...monitors...

i have a few different angles and cropping of some of them, just havent gotten to them yet, but ill see what i can do about the sky in the 2nd

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