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Jan 26, 2008
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Lubbock, Tx
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I just got into photography a month or two ago, and am tempted to knock the dust off of the SLR I've got decomposing on my dresser. These are taken in chronological order, so hopefully theres a bit of an improvement theme here. I'd really appreciate a few tips... or a couple more if you've the time.

1)Altenberger Dom, in Altenberg, Germany.

2) Altenberger Dom again, but a little darker feel.

3) A Horse looking at its compadres on a farm along the Rhein. Düsseldorf, Germany.


4) Niederhein Bridge. North of Düsseldorf, south of Kaiserswerth, Germany.


5) Düsseldorf Hafen. Area destroyed by war, rebuilt in modern style by Frank O Gehry. Also known as the Gehry Buildings.


6) Gehry Buildings again.


7) The door to an abandoned Hotel from the 1930's here in Texas. Really want to go back and do some work on it, but it's fenced off pretty badly, lucky to get this shot really.


8) A bird roosting in a boarded up building downtown Lubbock.


9) Sun setting on a long ago abandoned fire escape. Downtown Lubbock, Tx again.


Again, thanks for taking the time to look at a couple of my shots. Hopefully theres a bit of a theme of improvement here. Any critiques are welcome. I'm also really sorry that there wasn't much of a theme here, but I guess I'm looking for a bit of feedback before I get some bad habits going.

Another quick question, am I at the point where shooting with a Point and Wonder 7.2mp Sony Cybershot (DSC-W55) is holding me back? I've got a Pentax MX screaming in pain from loneliness sitting on my desk. I'm thinking about knocking some dust off of it, but film prices are...yep for a college student with little to no talent. I think I'm going to end up doing it anyway, as I had an ABSOLUTE blast taking these.

Thanks again, really looking forward to some feedback.
Alright got the signal loud and clear. I'll break out the Pentax tomorrow.
nah man, Just seems to be the way...lots of looks, no comments. Even when all you are asking for is just advice...

I like the 5th one myself, cool building. cool shot.
Well, here is an amateur's opinions. Take them for what they are worth.

I like #2 better than #1 simply because that limb is out of the way. Nice capture of the building in both, but makes it easier to see the entire view with the limb removed.

A nice perspective on #3. Sort of makes you wonder what the horse might be thinking.

I prefer #6 over #5 on the Gehry Building. Those windows are strange, the way they seem to be installed in the walls at odd angles.

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