Ancient and modern

Kenneth Walker

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Oct 13, 2014
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Burghfield Common, near Reading, Berkshire, UK
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I wanted to contrast the Victorian era park with the modern office block behind the trees. Did it work? would it have been better if one or other of the prominent features (imperial lion and bandstand) were shown, but not both?

I'd say one or the other simply because they need to be more prominent in the frame. And there isn't much of the modern building showing.
I like your idea, but I think the concept would be stronger if the park actually looked more dated. For me there isn't enough of the office building showing in back and the park looks too modern to really show the difference I think you were going for. Perhaps shot at a different angle to lose the lion and processed in b&w might work better. was a quick shot might work better when the leaves start to come off. A nice crisp late Autumn morning would yield more of the office block and the park (late 19th century) wouldn't look as neat and tidy. I'll have another go. pleased with the camera though.....I like my ordinary DSLR, but this little DMC G5 is much more convenient to carry about.

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