Andrew's Pace Car

I like it! Maybe crop it tighter? I want to see more car detail!
I can see where a tighter crop would look nice, but I also really like it as is. :)
Good camera placement, causes the pavement markings to lead to the car nicely. I would clone out that one, tall standing/leaning flower stalk on the left edge, and crop a bit off of the right side, to lave the car a bit more space to the left side of the frame, and less space behind the rear bumper. Clone that sky dot out too. The biggest issue I have is the amount of visual pull that the open sky area has in the overall image, as shown here.
Thanks for the feedback,. folks. I can't see the sky dot because my screen is THAT dirty... :lol: The little flower is an easy clone job.
If you draw a a straight line up from the o in pontiac you'll find the dot
NOW I see it. Will clone it out before I submit it to the owner. Good catch. Goes to show I really, really need to clean my monitor more often.

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