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Nov 8, 2009
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Somewhere in Florida
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I seem to have a thing for these lately (well, maybe not just lately ;) ). C&C welcome. Thanks!
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I like it. I wish the bench was a bit more prominent in the frame. Perhaps a slightly closer crop.

Also, tisk tisk for not having Judy Dench on the bench.
Ya, I was thinking of cropping the left a bit. Maybe 1/2 way to the tree.
Go back and re shoot this with a slower shutter. Make that water silk and I think it's a winner.
Yeah, benches are great, and chairs too. I agree about a tighter crop, but would do it mostly on the right. That tree is just a distraction to me. The essentials of the image are the bench and the two stones. Those need a little context, but not this much, imo. I'm probably suggesting cropping out what you felt was an essential element, but people do that to all of us sometimes - just my two cents ...
Thank you all for taking the time to comment. Really appreciate it.
Work sucked the life out of me this week so I've been bad about responding.

There have been some interesting comments with respect to cropping. I will play a bit and post another version - if I like it. ;)

This is already cropped in accordance with my rules - that I just made up - so I'm not really wanting to crop more.
Makes me feel as though I wasn't paying attention to framing when I shot it. Which may be the case as I'm still getting used to the D7100 and all those f'ing pixels.

Thanks again!
I agree that Judy Dench is the new fill flash when it comes to C&C. Always could use more.
I really enjoy looking at this photo for some reason :love:. Oh yea work sucks :er:

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