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Sep 9, 2010
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Southern California
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I recently was in the Pennsylvania countryside so I took pictures. These are unedited. Help is learning for me. Thanks!

The colours in the first one are nice - very autumnal! But for me, the focus is in the wrong place. I would prefer the focus to be on the barn or the trees at the top and the foreground to be OOF.

I just can't make out what the second one is! It's a nice picture, but I would prefer it without the brick / concrete / wood structure on the left and instead have it as a landscape of the autumnal trees in the sunlight.
A wider angle would have been nicer on the first one. So you get more of the tree trunk which completes the whole "fallen leaves" shot, and also the barn in the background to give that sort of outside in the yard look. A little pile of leaves and a tattered rake leaning on the tree would have really made this picture shine :)

The second one would be nice if it didn't have the disctraction of the mystery wagon. Be careful to include items in your scene that don't add to it ( or that simply confuse the viewer. ) Had you included more of the wagon to define what it is, then it would be good, or exclude it completely. Since it takes up probably 1/4" atleast of the frame, it becomes a major element of the shot.

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