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Jun 13, 2003
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Please forgive me if I missed the obvious in the other copyright thread. But my question is, is it better or safer to have the copyright in your own name rather than the web sites name? At the moment all my images are copyrighted to Darfion Photography and not my real name.
I may not reply straight away cos I'm going out for a beer or two.

Thanks in advance
well if it's YOUR website and YOUR "company"
it'll be no difference than having the copyright on your own name

since they're both yours.

it's kinda like David Bowie having the rights of his lyrics
licensed to Jones Music, which is his own "company".

as long if it's all yours you'll be ok

what you can do as well, if Darfion Photography isn't yours or is partially yours, you could say: Copyright by Darfion exclusively licensed to Darfion Photography.

I'll add that to the list of copyright questions.
Working on answer on how it's usually arranged
The only downfall I can see is if you were to sell the company name.
im not quite sure on the copyright answer, but i do know here in new york, if your company name is not registered with the state, u can not operate under an "alias" ... only your "real name" as a sole proprieter ... but me personally, i would go under my real name, like he said, what if u sell the company, ur in deep do-do :eek:
unless you filed them with the library of congress under a name, then it is irrelevant; you own the copyright.

if they are filed with the library of congress under Darfion Photography and you are set up as an s-corp, you own the copyright.

and i can't imagine why in the world a photographer would be set up as a c-corp or llc, but if this is the case, let us know.
Thanks guys. All I own is the domain name ie, Darfion. The web site is all my own work with no *a-hem* borrowed images, they're all mine so I guess I'll just stick with the one that I'm using.

PS It's nearly that time again :D

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