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Jul 23, 2003
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Akron, OH
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After spending a day in the cemetery shooting I realized I needed a new tool as a beginner. I found myself fishing in my pocket and billfold for bussiness cards to jot my shot details on. As we all know by now from reading the excellent posts here, we beginners must studiously record the F Stop, Shutter Speed and details of our snaps if we want to improve. So, I put together an easy to use photo log. Its quarter page and desgined to be cut 4 square then glued along the top edge to form small pads. When you fill out a page with Frame number, stop, speed and subject in the handy grid, you can then tear it off and stuff it in the film can with the film. Viola! So, if you would be interested in this document to improve it or use it send me an email to [email protected]. I tried a million ways to attach a document in this crazy thing to no avail. cant find a host for files that will not require a log in. :x
Been a number of requests for this and I am a bit suprised at the interest in it. Synergy mentioned hosting it and posting it so it may soon be available for anyone to grab and look at if they want to. And I am looking to improve it. Used the first few today finishing off a roll with some Gnome pictures (long story) and I found out they are a leeeetle bit large to fit in the film canister. So going to tweak it. Any other suggestions are welcome
Hi everyone,

You can now download the Photo log Tyjax has kindly put together which is in word format. If you don’t have Word (you rebel!) I also took the liberty of PDF'ing it. If you have a choice, I’d prefer everyone downloaded the pdf as its a lot smaller!

Word version here.. size 110K

PDF version here… size 17k

Just right click on the link and slelect save as. My virus scanner has checked these files for viruses, but i won't be held resposible if there turns out to be one!

Tyjax let me know when you have a new version and i'll put it up


Synergy :D
great idea - I used to do that with film too

fortunately, since I shoot digital there is no need to write it down anymore...


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