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Aug 2, 2013
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United States Dexter MI
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New to dslr finding myself hooked already, from MI just north of ann arbor lots of good places to take nature photos, advice is helpful and greatly appreciated and i know this is going to be expensive until i get all of my things together i keep finding new things i want but don't necessarily need :thumbup:
Welcome to the site.
Used equipment can save a fellow a LOT of dinero!!!
You sound like me. My hobby is collecting hobbies. lol Welcome, have fun.
You live in a beautiful area! :) Take time to read your camera's manual and go shoot a bunch of pictures with it - that will keep you from buying stuff you may not need. ;) Post your work here in our Galleries, and have fun with your new hobby!
Welcome to the site. My wife is convinced that I can't pick up a hobby unless it's expensive. Golf, Guitars, Mandolins, Photography, Off-roading.
I hear that, first classic cars ,boats, guns, quads, fishing and now this
Welcome to the party!!!
Hello and welcome to the forum!

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