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Mar 8, 2008
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Austin, Texas
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I did some more shooting against the velvet background. Today was tulips. This one was destined for the recycle bin (due to the broken leaf) so I went at it with photoshop and came up with something I liked, at least technique-wise.

This was shot with natural light through a window with a couple reflectors.


C&C appreciated.
Not sure why you'd bin it, I think it's a nice shot. Exposure it good and there are a lot of angles in the way the flowers are pointing to make it interesting.
I, too, think it has a lot going for it and thank you. It's the broken leaf that ultimately relegate this one to a b-roll. I might try the process methods on some of the keepers though.
I know I'm in the minority but I like it as is. The "imperfection" gives life to what otherwise would be just another perfect photography of flowers.
You mean that little, brighter green, rolled-up leaf at the very bottom?
If you really mean to take it out, cloning it out would be super easy with that black background of yours. You want the photo to be a multi-angled but otherwise fairly strict, correct photo of the tulips? OK. Clone tool, and voilà! :D
No, the broken leaf right behind the bottom flower. Much has already been cloned out of the image. (BTW if you go with black velvet AND you have cats, a lint brush is essential.)

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