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Another Guitar Shot...

Chris of Arabia

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Mar 10, 2007
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This time of the recently finished 'Warmoth' Telecaster. For those who know guitars, this has the absolute monster of all necks to play, a real tree trunk, this is BIG...


Oh and it was shot on the kit lens I recently described as being a piece of 'flimsy trash'.
Very shortly - I only do them in natural light and it's beginning to vanish here for the day.
The wood is beautiful. And I love that curve of black, with the reflection right in the hollow. Bet that guitar is a real 'looker'.
the picture is rather boring without the rest of the guitar. regardless, i agree with antartican!
Very nice picture..I want to see the rest please!
This must be the first instance of people actually suggesting that they'd like to see more of my photography :lovey:. Pity really that I just took it round to a friends house - it'll be back in a few days I'm sure.
the picture is rather boring without the rest of the guitar.

Not to another musician it's not ;)

Heavy lumber on a tele 'twanger'? Defeats the purpose of a tele, yes? I'd love to play this guitar, because it's always the frankenstien combination of parts that make some guitars so unique. I bet it sounds great.

I've played a few Gibsons that have tree trunks for necks, but that's more typical for that thinker tone you get with a gibby. I miss my Fender though, I love the uniqueness you could get from easy customization. The binding looks great on that fiddle btw, it really sets of the dark blue
This is a little off-topic, but it's relevant. I was actually after a neck something like the 50's 'soft-v' on my Baja. I'll be the first to put my hands up and say that the Warmoth 'Boatneck' isn't quite it. The more I play it though, the better it's getting - it's just starting to lose that absolutely squeaky clean new feel. I've got half an idea for another build in my head, so if I really don't think I'm to get along with it, I might just get a different profile neck for the Tele at the same time.

The whole thing is surprisingly lively and you can feel it all vibrating when you hit a chord, especially the open ones. For a Tele, it does have a big thick sound anyway, but that's largely because it has a mini-humbucker in the neck and a Kinman Broadcaster in the bridge. Just before I dropped it off at my friends house, I was giving it a blast through the 5w valve head I built - I was running it almost flat out, but even then this guitar can definitely put out the sort of sound that leaves you with an ear to ear grin on your face.

Like I said above though, as soon as it comes back, I'll get some more shots done. Actually, it's long since overdue that the rest of the collection put in an appearance.
I love a sharp V neck. Great for a 'thumb' player. Cant wait to see some more of your collection!
Nice pic...it took me forever to figure out what part of the guitar I was looking at. I was thinking the guitar was black and the background was blue at first...then I realized I needed to flip my perspective!

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