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    Hello everyone, my names Tyler, I'm a 20 year old United States Marine stationed at Cherry Point, NC. Pittsburgh PA is home for me. I've been taking pictures since I was little with my dads old 35mm minolta, and recently got a Canon EOS XS, the kit with the 18-55mm IS lens, and bought a 75-300mm telephoto as another 'walkaround' lens. Joined the forum to improve my work and help enjoy this fantastic hobby, I'll try to upload images ASAP, and I'm more than open to comment. Pleasure to join y'all.

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    From an 'old' Army special forces LRRP, to a 'young' jarhead - Welcome !! Hope you're ready to learn, cuz this place is full of it !! :mrgreen:

    Post away - anxious to see some of your work -

    Oh, and I gave you a 'thanks' ..... just because...

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