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Apr 21, 2021
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Hello. I’m a retired guy in New England with a small collection of film and DSLR cameras… nothing flashy, just some old functional Minolta’s from the 70’s and my most recent purchase, a Nikon D3300 for backpacking and general family shots.

Of the many hobbies I maintain, photography is the one that sort of ties them all together. Each interest comes with its inherent social community and set of activities that in turn lend themselves to photo opportunities. Most of my photo’s end up on one group forum or another where they’re viewed on a computer monitor. That said, I strive for content, imagination and visual impression, not necessarily for the absolute best clarity money can buy. At times I use nice old manual lens on DSLR bodies. There are some quality old 28, 35, 50 and 80mm prime lenses available at very affordable prices. I recently picked up a fun 200mm f4.5 prime MD for $8 at an antique market… keeps it interesting.

Anyway, I look forward to reading comments and posts and seeing what creative shots people come up with. Best to all.

Great intro, Ross, and welcome to TPF! I hope you post some pics with that f4.5 prime from the antique market- let us know what it did for you!

Keep posting and enjoy the forum. Check out the Photo Galleries, and happy posting!
Hi welcome
I just traded in all my old canon film EF glass
Post some of your images, if you want CC (creative criticism) post a line
CC welcome
I think there is a thread just for that and one just for fun images
Hello and welcome - I like to shots using manual lenses, some have really interesting characters.
"content, imagination and visual impression" sounds like you may have some interesting work to post. I hope you do.

Welcome to TPF.
I like very much the qualities of Minolta MD lenses and their reflex cameras e.g the X-300 or X-700!
I like very much the qualities of Minolta MD lenses and their reflex cameras e.g the X-300 or X-700!

I've been using a XG-M with a 35-70MM f/2.8 lens and a SRT-201 with a 50MM f/1.7 lens. I love working with both. I recently acquired a 28MM f/2.8 lens, but haven't worked with it much yet this spring.
Welcome fellow Sox fan.
welcome to the forum.
Welcome and looking forward to your photos.

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