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May 21, 2003
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sanford fl
im not realy sure how to post my pics here lol sory but can some one help me? please
Basically you can use the img tags to display the picture in the thread

It'll look like


or you can link to it

Picture link
You have the right idea but it shows as a red x. I tried pulling up the URL and it told me to sign into yahoo.
It may not work when trying to link to a picture that is part of Yahoo groups, because in most cases, you actually have to login into Yahoo Groups with your Yahoo username/password before it will allow you to access the photo.

I think that is what is happening here, sorry :cry:
wow you all are awesome thanks!!! so what do you think? give me your best critisism i need it!
The pictures look good. I think if you made vinny 3 a portrait and got a tighter crop it would have looked much better.
Welcome to the forum!
You have some cute pictures there :thumbsup:
I am fairly new at photography, so I'm not full of wonderful advice...yet.
The only thing I would change would be Vinny3. I would try to get more light on the subject, It's just a little bit shadowed. However, sometimes it lends originality when it's not perfect, and I know how it is to take pictures of kids :? , you have to shoot when you get the chance. :D By shoot I mean take a picture :wink: , although sometimes, with my little brother... anyways, welcome to the forum and I hope we hear from you alot!!

Friend in Photography,
Jme :Joker:
(forum joker)
good job! vinny3 would be my choice for changing, but everything else looks good!!


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