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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I can never get any poses on the belly. If I do, the face is hidden. :( I bought some extra fill for my bean bag, that sucker is STIFF so I know it is something I'm doing wrong. Practice makes perfect and so does cc, so here are some from a recent session. I am so nervous to post these. But my resolution was to post for cc on EVERY SESSION I do.

thanks in advance!


1/160 f5.6 iso 200 D90 35 1.8 AB1600 1/16th power camera left and HUGE softbox (not exact sure on the size, probably the largest they have for studio, it is almost as tall as me) I rent studio space from a local here for my sessions....

Big sissy shot. only one I could get.... she wasn't too keen on her little sissy yet and everytime she would get near, she'd scratch her face? Mom and dad were working on it, but they didn't want anymore shots together, I understood. Big sissy is 15 months.



1/160 f5.6 iso 200 D90 35 1.8 AB1600 1/16th power camera left and HUGE softbox

I also suck at these cheesecloth wraps.... I should probably practice on my cats. hehe



same settings..






same, except f6.3




Especially love 4 and 5. The close up of the baby's face is SO sweet.

In most circumstances I would say don't do any touch ups to a baby, but you might want to consider "toning down" (not sure of technical term) the babies finger nails in that photo. They are so white compared to everything else it's a little distracting.

Love this set, nice work :)
I think these are wonderful Crystal. As a mother, these would make me very happy. Even though you didn't get any on the belly pics, I think what you have here is great :)
A nice, strong set Crystal; I think #1 is an especially nice moment captured, however be aware of your compositions. I think this would have been even better had you moved slightly further camera right and got a little more of the big sister's(?) face in the shot.
Gosh I know! I am kicking myself I would love to get more of her face too but seriously 2 seconds after this kiss, she grabbed babies face and almost ripped it off. It was very weird. She wasn't doing it to be mean or hateful it was just like her reaction to grab her sisters face.... lol

and if I could have tried again I would have angled the baby differently too I'm not too fond of up the nose shots....
Beautiful shots. Well done!

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