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Dec 15, 2007
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Another one Im proud of ;)

I like the shack alot and the way you caught the breeze on the cattails.. Is this close enough that you could have another go at it? What settings did you use, what time of day was it, did you try different POV's?

The reasons I ask these questions is because with some small adjustments you might have a very nice photo on hand.

As it is though, I find the concrete wall and the chain-link fence distracting. If you could change slightly the DOF to blur the woods behind, remove the fence and wall in-camera, have the shadows of an earlier or later time of day. Hell, get down in the water and see if something is there.

There is a derelict pack house not too far from me that I must have taken 500 or shots of at different times of day and changing angles. Not in one visit though. I'd look at my results for the day and go back with a different plan. Finally got 2 or 3 that I'm happy with.
I woud love to see it!! Thanks for the thoughts.. I will see what I can do.. I have another idea in mind as well.. down the street from me there is an old abandoned house/shack.. would make a great b/w.. early morning seems to be the best lighting.. I drive by it all the time and never have my camera.. I am using a Nikon Coolpix. Not too fancy so I have the standard settings.. and to be honest I do not know a whole lot about this, and I am gradually learning.. I feel I have the "eye" for a nice shot but love the feedback to improve them!! Thanks again!
Hi, the image looks a little flat to me - try a gentle S curve and you will find the the image will pop more
Look forward to the next one

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