Another "prints dont look like the monitor" question


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Sep 22, 2012
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Hi all

I have read as many posts on "my print doesnt look like my monitor" and have tried as many potential fixes as I could find to no avail. I'd appreciate any help.
First, I know prints will never look exactly like the monitor---I get that, but I'm not even close.
The basics--
Canon 5D, shoot in RAW.
Develop in Camera raw.
Export to photoshop for tweaks.
Convert to RGB. Softproof using the printer/paper profile that I will print on. Make final adjustments based on softproof apperance.
Computer is an all in 1 Lenovo Idea center S520.
I used ColorMunki to calibrate it.
Printed on Epson R3000 (which is also calibrated with ColorMunki "match my prints to monitor feature").
Printer drivers and photosop are up to date.
When I print I coose photoshop manages colors and make sure that the printer settings are set so the printer does not do additional color correcting.
My prints are dull, lack vibrancy, and colors are off in general.
Again, I know things always look different on the monitor to a degree but I'm not even in the right ballpark!
What else can I try? I'm desperate!
Also, can anyone suggest (in general) where I might look to try to find someone to hire that would come to my house to set things up?
Many, many thanks!
Have you looked again at paper?
Don't let Photoshop manage the colors.

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