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Dec 13, 2011
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This year, by going to a vintage camera fair near Paris. I set myself a challenge .
Having noticed for some time that the increase in the prices asked by the sellers of our dear old items was feverishly following that of the retirement age, I set myself a maximum purchase price of 20 euros to buy one camera.
I was counting on finding only few cameras to buy and therefore saving money dedicated to the household.
Well it failed!
I finally find myself with a caddy where cameras are piled up which each cost me less than 20 euros with the exception of only one (the Zeiss) which I fiercely negotiated at this price.
After cleanings, repairs and various pampering, here is my shopping:
  • A Bencini Comet III (it's true that these Italians know about design),
  • A Zeiss Donata 227/7 equipped with a huge Tessar,
  • A Rower from Rower (not broken, not cracked! with its original case and instructions)
  • A SEM Kim (a variant that I did not have with the marking on the viewfinder),
  • A Vito from Voïgtlander,
  • An Ihagee Auto Ultrix (the "Zweiformat" version).
I have now to find again new free space on my shelves.

Chelles small 1.jpg
Yessss ! I need new shelves for my new toys !
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