any experience with SCALA film?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by NikonChick, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Ive been experimenting with scala a bit lately and want to kow if anyone here has any experience with it. Im trying to find the right combination of exposure rating and development. What Ive been producing so far has been really flat. Ive seen slides that have great contrast, but havent been able to find the right combo myself yet. I know itll vary some depending on camera equipment, but anything you can tell me will at least narrow my search.

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    Hi, I've only one one roll of the stuff, but was pleased with my results. I don't recall doing anything outside the norm with it. I used my good ol' Pentax MZ, and it was an outdoor shoot. I think I just followed my light meter and bracketed the shots, as usual. Had to send off to a lab in NY for processing, it was around $11 but they did a good job.

    Try a yellow or green filter, or even #25 red, if you are finding your results a little flat. :) Keep an exposure log so you'll know how it helped. Good luck!

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