Any good sources out there...?


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Mar 9, 2003
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I was just curious if any of you have some good sources for equipment and products that others may benefit from?

Any cheap places to buy film?
Any cheap places for equipment (new or used)?
Good/inexpensive processing?
Online resources your photos?
Anything else?

Please post any links you think would be helpful.
Any cheap places to buy film?

Ebay has excellent deals on film. I can get a 10 pack of Fuji Velvia for $35. That is normally $8/roll

Any cheap places for equipment (new or used)?

Again, Ebay. I will search ebay and for used equipment. B & H Photo is a very reputable online camera store. But that is not where i look for the best deal

Good/inexpensive processing?

I take my film to Wal Mart because it is $5 for 1 hr (I'm very impatient). If there is a negative I want blown up I will send it to a Color Lab that is owned by a friend of my dads. Otherwise I would go to Moto Photo which is a franchise in the US.

Online resources your photos?

I post everything to my own website. I really like having my own domain and a good host.

Anything else?

Get to the library and check out photography books. My favorite is the Ansel Adams books. The camera, negative and print.
yep, i think that about does it. :lol:

ritz/wolf/jackson camera places are always fun too!


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