The one that got away...


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Mar 9, 2003
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Ok, how about something for a little bit of fun.

On my recent trip to Cancun, we went scuba diving and I had my first chance to play with my brand new underwater housing for my older 1.3 mp digital cam. Our second dive was just about over and I was shooting away at various subjects when we came upon a sea turtle that was about as big as I am! So, I go ahead and fire away with a few shots.

The next day, I go to review the photos...and boom...nothing there. Every other shot I can remember taking showed up, but NOTHING of the sea turtle. Maybe a once in a lifetime opporunity to see one of that size, and it was lost! Still not sure what went wrong, other than Murphy's Law.

Now, what about some of your experiences? Lost that perfect shot due to a mistake or problem with equipment? Decided not to bring the camera with you and missed a great chance for an oustanding picture? Developer lose your roll of film?

You get the idea...what are some of your stories about "the one that got away"?
there are many times I wish I had my camera....but none are appropriate for the board. 8)

Here in the East side of Phoenix is the Salt River. I hear that the college girls like to float down the river on innertubes. Sometimes topless...

I've been there to take pictures but there were no innertubers. Needless to say I will always have a camera when I visit this area. :wink:
I think maybe we should threadjack this thread and make it into a topic about the craziest thing we have caught on film. Or not....

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