Any Old School BMXers out there?


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Sep 7, 2007
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Fredericksburg, VA
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Hadnt pulled out the camera lately but got the bug today.



I always ran profile cranks when I was younger. Then as I started getting older and bigger they didn't hold up.

I love the look and feel of them though. I've been riding primo powerbites for a few years and love them.
Back when I used to do ABA racing a couple of the guys I raced against would ride with them. THey were definitely some of the best you could get. :biggrin:
Only dreamed of having them. I was too poor. I saved up for a Trick Star frame and fork & bar set and the other parts was from a mongoose dirk bike. that was my dream bike. I'm a old fart now but I still have a GT that is in the boiler room.

How old school you talking about? I'm from the woody itson gold bike days lol.
i used to have a couple "P.K. Rippers" back in the day. they had SR tubular chromo (hollow) cranks that were the lightest ever made.

but my dh rig i have now has a set of profiles on it. bought those after i bent a set of xtr cranks.
I got my hands on a old PK ripper once, I wen't to change out frames and learned that I needed a very thin seat post lol.. I guess the reason I got it cheap is that someone tried to jam a standard post in the frame and cracked it. Traded to a guy who worked out them issues. Great looking frame.
GT eh? Haven't heard about those for a long time. Always envied the few racers that had them. :er:
I wont be photographing these Profiles anymore. I just installed them on my new SE Quadangle Cruiser. Sweet bike.
nice ride. gotta love those se racing looptails.

but why do you have the seatpost backwards? is it an advantage that way?
Nice ride! :biggrin:
I think the seat post is how it's supposed to be if i remember correctly.
nice ride. gotta love those se racing looptails.

but why do you have the seatpost backwards? is it an advantage that way?

No, the post is on backwards because I was using a 7/8" old school post but this frame requires a much larger post. So....I am waiting for my adapter to come in to use my layback post. Until then, this is my newer Redline post so I could use my seat and yes its on backwards. Im actually getting used to it. But its gonna be rectified shortly.
here's a old crappy pic i took of one of mine back in '84. my other one was pretty much the same, but a year older and was white with black components.

Ahh, the PK Ripper was the sh*t when I was a kid. That woulda been around the early 80s. Great bikes and the one bike everyone wanted.

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