any personal experience w/Impact Digital Flash Umbrella Mount Kit

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Foxtrot_01, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I was looking for a kit like this and I read bad experiences with the cowbow kits, I found this kit for flash, umbrella and stand, this is from Impact and is listed in B&H as temporary out of stock, I was wondering if someone had any experience with this kit. Anyone has used it?

    Impact Digital Flash Umbrella Mount Kit - includes: 2 Impact 32" Umbrellas, Brackets, Light Stands

    Impact | Digital Flash Umbrella Mount Kit | DFUMK | B&H Photo

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    I've been seeing Impact gear on B&H for a while. It looks to be decent quality stuff with a great price. In this price range, umbrellas are umbrellas...not much to them. The brackets are also pretty standard and will work well for you.
    The stands don't look to be all that heavy duty, which they don't need to be for small flash units...but they may not have a large footprint, which might make them less stable against wind or getting knocked over. But on the flip side, heavy duty stands are a lot heavier and bulkier to lug around, especially if you are trying to build a portable kit.
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    I know several people that have gotten that kit. They are quite happy with it.

    For the price it's hard to beat for a hobbiest.

    The umbrellas, at 32", are only big enough for head shots so you may also want to get a couple 45 inchers and maybe a 60 inch.

    Here's another great Impact light stand kit deal but I see it's temporarily not available too:

    Impact | Air Cushioned Three Light Stand Kit with Case | LS-3K

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