Any suggestions on shutter triggers??????


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Mar 24, 2011
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I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time but now that I'm looking I am not finding exactly what I want. I sawa wireless controller but it appears to only fire off the shutter for a regular burst or with a 2 second delay. What I really want is one that I can program for a long exposure (like 20-30 minutes).

Any suggestions? Trying not to break the bank either. Wireless preferred but I would be willing to use a cord if it works better.
Here I go a month late.

I use a cheap ebay one. It is labeled JYC Digital Model jy-110. I can handle bulb mode. One press to open the shutter, second press to close it. You have to time it yourself. I have second trigger set that looks almost identical to my jy-110 but it does not handle bulb mode.
Check out forum sponsor Link Delight. I remember seeing that they had a line of programmable shutter triggers and grips.

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