Anybody willing to model in the Fraser Valley?? BC Canada


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Aug 6, 2010
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Bergen op Zoom, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
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Just starting out with portraiture, I would really appreciate it if maybe somebody else was too and was willing to model for me at all. Not looking for any NSFW just straight up strike a pose type deal. If you're close PM me or comment or anything. The models sex doesn't matter I'm a 19 year old male, anybody under 30 would be nice. just looking for a learning buddy I guess you could say.
Come on over to Alberta and we can practice together. I mean really who wants/needs mild winters and great wine. :)
Hah, sorry I don't think i will be able to make the trip I have to fit in a meeting date between sunday nights and tuesday nights. I work full time Wed-Sun.
Lol, I was kidding you know. :er: I feel your pain. You can always put an ad out there. Facebook, newspaper, craigslist or kijiji. I make my 13 year old daughter model for me.
Hah way to be that's actually a good idea. Too bad i'm only 19 and not everybody takes me seriously. Also if i put an add on facebook I don't think my girlfriend would be to fond of it. Hah. I have asked her to model for me but she hates getting her picture taken. Soooooo i'm kind of S.O.L.
Putting it on facebook isn't trying to hook up lol. If she is the jealous sort, have her come hold your reflector or something.

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