Anyone have Samsung Galaxy Flex A 2-1? New Dell question...


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May 9, 2012
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i seem sold on this machine but haven't bought it yet. I will buy the newest Photoshop Elements and Premiere to do videos, and load onto the new laptop.

In my un-tech knowledge, I believe the laptop can run these programs..?
I am looking to replace an older, heavier, larger true laptop and my old IPad.
It would become my photo laptop.
Other than surfing, email, news, I would also use it for watching shows/movies. We have no cable tv.
Make sense?
Any comments/ education helpful. Some of you may know my level of photography from some rare photos I have posted.
Thank you as always,
It looks like a fairly solid choice. I'd avoid the model with 8GB ram and get at least 12GB as a minimim. I think the 512GB SSD in some models is a bit low and the 1TB is more reasonable if you can get it. The screen looks good but the hinge has been highlighted in several reviews as a bit light and can have a bit of screen wobble. The placement of the fingerprint scanner next to the shift key has also been mentioned as a bit awkward. The USB s are all type C, that would bug me a bit as I've a few devices that use USB type A (you may want to consider if you'd need an external card reader or an adapter to connect your camera). The GFX card is entry level, so is pretty basic though I'm sure it won't be an issue running PSE, you may find that there's functions that will run faster with a better card.

I can't really speak to the video editing capibility, though if I understand it correctly if you are shooting lots of 4K it may be a little underpowered so you may want to have a look at your spesific use case and what hardware you need for a minimum.

Overall it looks decent, it's up there with other high end 2 in 1 models from HP and Dell, though you are paying a premium for a flip screen which could be a cost saving or spent elsewhere on better hardware if you would be happy using a traditional laptop. I'm pretty sure it'll do what you want ok, but it's not all cutting edge tech.

I think the general laptop market is lagging a little behind right now, I was hoping to see vastly upgraded hardware in laptops this year, along the lines of GTX3060s, 32GB RAM and 1TB+ storage plus PCIE gen4 and USB 3 becomng more standard but I think the pandemic has made companies making more refreshes than upgrades in base spec. The market is way out of whack from the pandemic still, and probably going to be into 2022 before we see it stabilise.
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@weepete .
Holy Smokes can I take you shopping with me?!
That is quite a review, thank you! I even understand alot if it. ;)
I like the size of my IPad. I have an older 15.5 or so laptop. Was hoping to stay on smaller side but you have made good points I need to think on..

Thank you for taking the time to help.
No problem , I've been building my own PC so keeping an eye on what the tech is doing currently.

I just had a wee check of the hardware requirements for Premiere, they reccomend 16GB RAM for editing in HD and 32GB for 4K with a graphics card that has 4GB VRAM.

I've seen two different specs for the Galaxy Flex, one with Intel Iris Enhance graphics (which is onboard graphics and won't meet the minimum requirements), the other with a Geforce MX250 which only just meets the minimum.

I'd suggest looking for a system that has a Geforce 1660ti graphics card or better, which should give you 6GB VRAM and is the sweet spot as fas as photoshop is concerned.
@weepete , again thank you. Since more things are going 4K, I should get the laptop/computer that can handle that in editing?
I have a Mavik Pro drone from 2018 and I think that has 4K capabilities..?
I am trying to use that more.
I would want to have more photo things on it also...LR, Photomatix, Photog Epherimis(?), ...

I think I have advanced in my photos in the last year, or maybe it was that you can't go wrong in the Grand Tetons!?
My goal is to be able to of course do nice photos, but make videos of the beautiful places I go to share with family /friends?

I guess I can just get inexpensive tablet for surfing, and something better for photos...

Any thoughts anyone?
@weepete ..thanks for the advice. Have been reading on the tech terms you mentioned. Went to Best Buy also today to get advice.
I do need more than the Samsung Flex I mention in original post/ headline.
haven't bought anything just learning.
I am enlightened. :)
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Glad to have been of help Nancy,

It's a bit of a balancing act, not only between components in the system, but with cost as well.

As to 4K, it's really up to you. If you want to use the higher resolutions then go ahead, but don't feel like you have to. I think mass adoption of 4K devices is a little bit away yet, though 1440p is becoming more popular among enthusiast computer gamers, HD is where the majority of screens are. Of course it'll mostly depend on what you want to watch your videos on, and if you value the higher resolution. If you are planning on selling your videos, then 4K might be more marketable.

I'd have a close look at the Asus ROG Zephyrus laptops, they seem decent value, and a range good specs, nice screens, even with their few quirks (eg no ethernet adapter and no webcam). I've seen what look like some good competition from MSI, Gigabyte and Razer with similar configurations too but you may have to delve into the detail to figure out what would suit your own use case best, what avalibility is like and what compromises you want to make.
Thanks to @weepete i have done a lot of reading on computers and learned a lot!
Alienware looks really neat and I could look like a bad-ass at 64 yr old. :}
Am seeing Dell on every tech article as great for video editing.
Saw Dell G7 17 Gaming laptop on Dell site for $1700. Better specs than Alienware model at $1900
Compare | Dell USA

Looks like back order til May...

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