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anyone interested in a "photo a day" project here?


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Dec 2, 2011
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Toledo, Ohio
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i've seen a few people post about a photo a day project they were doing.

anyone else here interested in something similar here.

my thought is that each day someone can post what the photo of the day should be..

whether its, a flower, a car, a night scene, etc...

and somehow let everyone have input on what the next days photo would be.

any interest?

asia and i are running into the problem that we can't figure out what to shoot.
I'm game! I only have my P&S until I redeploy back home but I can make it work!
i would probably use my p&s most days as well. since my slr is film.

or at least, i wouldn't post my slr shots until the roll is full. :)
Sign me up! I'm running out of things to shoot too!
naptime, you could shoot the "challenge" with both your p&s and your SLR...post up the p&s photo for the challenge, then when the roll is full, compare your film shot to your p&s shot; might be good practice.

I'm almost NEVER at a loss for photo ideas...often at a loss for the energy or weather conditions to go out and actually shoot!
But I'm always up for a challenge, keeps you thinking and helps you sometimes try things you wouldn't ordinarily shoot. Just can't promise I'd actually participate every day.
One year ago I was undecided whether to start a yearly project, then I decided for one-a-week. One a day is really much, considering also the rest of the work you have to do around a picture. It's good just to shoot, but to take care of what you do... mmm.... difficult to finish ;)
photo a week sounds good too.

spend as much time as needed all week to take the picture. edit, etc..

get some advice, take another, etc...
I'm in. Very new to photography so this will be a lot of fun.
I'm very interested in this. I will participate as much as I can. My work schedule is sort of demanding, so it may not be every week. Is there a way to receive"notices" either by text or e-mail from TPF once the new "subject" is posted?
so i just noticed tonight that there is a section for this here on the board. :er:

so, starting tomorrow, i'm gonna launch the Photo of the week challenge.

if anyone has ideas on subject matter to add to the list, please, feel free to send it to me.

i've been gathering some ideas from other challenges around the web.

we're starting in a week late, so it'll only be 51 weeks :)
im interested new to photography so will be a good learning curve,try and let me know when we are up and running
shoot, i forgot all about this :er::(

i joined a project 52, and forgot to get this one started.

i will get it started today. and post a link.

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