Anyone with A yahoo mail address should read this

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Battou, Feb 26, 2010.

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    I recieved an E-mail yesterday night. Particularly nasty little thing.

    It's fake, First thing I noticed the sender information lacks the Yahoo! insignia found on all officiall Yahoo! communications. Once inside you'll note that there are a few dumb spelling errors that one would not find in a legitimate Yahoo! Inc. mail, there is also the redundant field mistake that would not made by Yahoo! Inc. There is the request for alternate e-mail address information. Alternate E-mail information is a big issue for two reasons. One if this had been legitimate Yahoo! has no right to any information of that nature if the alternate E-mail is not a Yahoo! account, second if it had been legitimate and any alternate acclunts are held on Yahoo! these alternate accounts would also recieve the E-mail and would be processed from there. One more thing, Of three people in the household holding a Yahoo! mail account I was the only one to recieve it.

    Another element to this....As a website admin my self, I can assure you that If Yahoo! wanted your E-mail address and password, they can retrieve it through a very simple process internally. Also I have seen a similar scam before on FAC where a user was posing as one of our administrators and claiming that we where going to be processing a mass inactive account removal.

    Whatever you do, do not reply with the information thay are asking for.


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